Steering Committee Elections


  • Tomer Libal (American University of Paris)
    nominated by Christoph Benzmüller and Dale Miller
  • Neil Murray (State University of NY at Albany)
    nominated by Peter Baumgartner and Maria P. Bonacina
  • Cláudia Nalon (University of Brasília)
    nominated by Agata Ciabattoni and Hans de Nivelle
  • Hans de Nivelle (Nazarbayev University)
    nominated by Didier Galmiche and Andrei Popescu
  • Elaine Pimentel (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte)
    nominated by Pascal Fontaine and Renate Schmidt
  • Revantha Ramanayake (Vienna University of Technology)
    nominated by Rajeev Goré and Cláudia Nalon

Statement by Tomer Libal

Statement by Neil Murray

Statement by Cláudia Nalon

Statement by Hans de Nivelle

Statement by Elaine Pimentel

Statement by Revantha Ramanayake